Small Contractors Association of South Africa

Reg. No.: 2013/046246/08

The Primary Objectives of SCASA


  • To promote quality and high standards of business to small contractors through product training, skills training, business coaching and mentoring.

  • To represent our members to the Government, Municipalities and housing related bodies of South Africa.

  • To make sure that all our members get a fair share of tenders and jobs offered by the government and municipalities

  • To support national and government policies by making sure all our members adhere and subscribe to these policies at all times.

  • To promote health and safety in all work environment by proving sufficient training to both the employer and employees of our members.

  • Assist our members in forming joint ventures (Jvs) with the big companies and make sure that the process runs smoothly and fair and our members are fully satisfied.

  • To facilitate new product training between the suppliers and our members

  • To assist struggling contractors in business sourcing and negotiations

  • To assist the government in making sure that all our members deliver good quality houses.

  • To assist small contractors to attain a higher grading for each work they do even if it’s subcontracting.

  • To create more jobs for our previous disadvantaged contractors.



•  Service Excellence  •  Quality Workmanship  •  Respect  •  Integrity  •  Professionalism  •  Good governance